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About Us

! A sweet tooth and a cold sleepless night.

The idea sparked in a sleepless winter night in Canada. Testing started a few weeks later, few months later we tested the Egyptian market appetite during our annual summer visit to our home country, and this is when all the weirdness and magic sparked. Our weirdly excessive experimentation and our philosophy of using the finest ingredients and process of treating each cookie like it’s the only cookie yield unexpected feedback. Egyptians fell in love with our chunky scrumptious cookies. A few months later - today - and WeirdoughTM is just a natural sensation amongst Egyptians.


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Happy Eid

Happy Eid to all Our Weirdough , We will be having our Eid Vacation starting thursday 30th  and willl be back on monday 3rd of august. 

Thank you and Enjoy Eid. 

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